Liberals for Linda

A collaborative effort by Edmonton Liberals to Get Out the Vote for Linda Duncan in Edmonton-Strathcona. Fellow progressives of Whyte, Unite!

Liberals Line Up for Linda

This blog has been made irrelevant by the legions of Liberals lining up for Linda on this steadily expanding webpage.

Of course, we don't plan to stop. We just wanted to bring this to light - and continue to encourage our community that we can stop Rahim Jaffer this time - with Linda!

Here's the highlights thus far:

From Stephen Leard, business owner, 2004 Alberta Liberal candidate in Strathcona:

"The riding of Edmonton-Strathcona needs a positive change, and I believe that Linda is just that, a positive change. Linda will provide a strong proven voice on the environment and health issues. If you have not already done so take a few minutes and learn more about Linda and her accomplishments. She has contributed greatly to shaping policy directions as a non-elected official. Now it's time to let her help us shape the future that we all want as our elected representative. I encourage you to support Linda for the change that is needed in Edmonton-Strathcona."

From Myles Kitagawa, 1997 Alberta Green candidate in Strathcona:

"There isn't a candidate on the ballot in Edmonton-Strathcona who is better for the environment than Linda Duncan."

From Elly de Jongh, Anne McLellan volunteer

"Linda Duncan would be a real asset for Ottawa."

Look for Liberals for Linda to unveil some major new endorsements soon!


Anonymous said...

Daveberta now, too:

Anonymous said...

Thoughts from an undecided voter...I don't know where to put this, so I'll put it here.

Here are the things I'm trying to sort through this weekend:

1. I believe in the Liberal Party as a moderate alternative to the right-wing Tory vision.

2. I'm a Liberal. I've never voted anything but Liberal.

3. I like Linda Duncan a lot. She's clearly the best candidate, and there's no doubt in my mind about that.

4. I don't like Jack Layton at all.

5. Claudette's not that bad. I've voted for worse.

6. Then again, Dion is horrible. I can't stomach him.

7. Linda can win. Claudette can't.

I suppose I'm going to feel conflicted no matter what I do. Maybe it all just comes down to #7?