Liberals for Linda

A collaborative effort by Edmonton Liberals to Get Out the Vote for Linda Duncan in Edmonton-Strathcona. Fellow progressives of Whyte, Unite!



That's all I've got. I'm back in the city now, seeing the blog EVERYWHERE. Thanks everyone for helping to make this endeavor - and Linda's candidacy - a success.

Now fellow Liberals, Greens, MLs, and Anybody but Conservatives.... Cast your ballot for Linda Duncan. A MP who will put Edmonton Strathcona first.




Dickson Broomfield adds his voice to the Linda Chorus

Liberals for Linda readers:

The movement for Linda Duncan in Edmonton Strathcona is growing. While we at Liberals for Linda would prefer you to park your ballots with Liberals in areas where we can gain, we have honoured the request from Dickson to publish his letter in its entirety. What follows is that letter, received today.

Submitted by Dickson Broomfield, October 7, 2008

Einstein's Theory of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

In my opinion, this is what's been happening for the eleven years in Edmonton Strathcona.

It's time for some sanity.

To Rahim Jaffer, being the MP for Edmonton Strathcona seems to be just a job; for Linda Duncan, by my observations, it's a passion.

Linda has not only been extremely active internationally, she's used this experience for the benefit of her home community - that of Edmonton Strathcona.

Linda has my support. She has my friends' and family's votes in Strathcona. And she should have yours.

I live in the riding of Edmonton East - there, Ray Martin has my vote. The fact of the matter is, is that only the NDP has answered my questions about the future of the economy, while caring about the environment, as well as caring that my family is fed.

The Conservative Party has broken promises. They broke the promise to farmers about a new Income Stabilization Act. They broke a promise to put more community police officers on the streets in our communities. And they broke a promise to the Canadian people about fixed election dates - which has already cost taxpayers over $500 million of unnecessary and potentially wasted dollars.

We can make the cost of this election worthwhile if we defeat Conservatives. In Edmonton Strathcona and Edmonton East, and in many more ridings across the country, the vehicle to achieve this is Jack Layton's New Democrats.

I ran as a Liberal in 2004. I wanted to make a difference and get involved. Sadly, I was not elected in that campaign. However, in retrospect, it was a blessing, as I have since had the chance to review my choice of party, and how the various parties reflect my values.

I have come to the firm conclusion that the only way for real change of a positive nature is with the NDP.

In closing, the views of Jack Layton's New Democrats come from the family room, not the boardroom. For the economy, for our health care system and social supports, and for action on the environment, Linda Duncan, Ray Martin, Jack Layton, and the NDP family have it right.

I've already explained the definition of insanity - it's time to stop it. Strathcona Liberals vote Linda, the rest? Vote NDP!

Dickson Broomfield
2004 AB Liberal Candidate, Lac La Biche-St. Paul

Erecting the Danny Williams Edifice in Alberta

I don't know what to make of Danny Williams. Here we have a millionaire premier elected on a walloping Conservative majority doing everything he can to push the Tory feds out of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Williams' "Anything But Conservative" campaign has become increasingly vocal in the last few days, stepping up its radio and TV ads in the province and now reaching across the map into southern Ontario.

In fact, the campaign has bought a billboard (send us a photo! We'll pay you in kisses!) on the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto to remind voters of Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's comments that Ontario is "the last place" anyone would want to invest. Flaherty made the remark back in March, in a post-budget furor criticizing Liberal premier Dalton McGuinty's progressive tax policies.

Williams' message is one of personal attack, hitting Harper with accusations of broken promises and character weakness. The tactic has been undeniably effective, eroding support for the Tories throughout the Atlantic region, to the point where polls are predicting that Newfoundland and Labrador may be out of a Conservative government entirely.

I have a few problems with this campaign. I worry about a premier stretching his hand out to backslap voters in another province at the expense of local issues. I'm concerned about voting blocs that could leave an entire province without any representatives at the federal table. And then there's the whole private money/public platform tangle.

But then, the prospect of a Tory-blue province mobilizing individual voters to stand up against a federal ruling party that is becoming increasingly restrictive in its policies and secretive about its platform has a lot of resonance for Alberta. It is a call for progressives to voice their criticism and break the electoral stranglehold.

I'm beginning to think I could find Williams a nice spot along the Whitemud if he wants to put up a few more billboards.

Plus, I wanted to use the lines 'erecting' and 'edifice' in the same blog subtitle. Can you blame me?

Two More Prominent Libloggers Join the Duncan Mix

I sent emails. Begged and pleaded a bit. Commented and cajoled. In the end, it probably had nothing to do with the good folks here at Liberals4Linda, but the Duncan campaign rolled out a couple more high profile endorsements.

Daveberta onside with Linda Duncan

Something about the ends and means right? Anyway, past Alberta Liberal staffer and prominent Alberta blogger Daveberta has joined the Duncan universe.

Here it is, in all its' glory.

Of course, he did do it last time. Which motivated many of us lesser Liberals to get onside. But I suspect that the exhalation of many collective breaths in the progressive blogger realm caused temperatures to rise, albeit slowly, upon the announcement this time. Word is that Dave is also a fan of the Green running. But, I'm sure she'll vote for Linda too.

Werner Patels Calling for a Duncan Win

So who is Werner Patels?

Well, he hates Kevin Taft. And he doesn't seem to like Stephane Dion either. In fact, he seems to admire Stephen Harper.

But he loves Linda. So we think he's ok. For now.

One week to go - and Jack Layton is coming back to Edmonton.

This Wednesday am. Is that three times in Alberta for Jack? Must be for Duncan.

Liberals Line Up for Linda

This blog has been made irrelevant by the legions of Liberals lining up for Linda on this steadily expanding webpage.

Of course, we don't plan to stop. We just wanted to bring this to light - and continue to encourage our community that we can stop Rahim Jaffer this time - with Linda!

Here's the highlights thus far:

From Stephen Leard, business owner, 2004 Alberta Liberal candidate in Strathcona:

"The riding of Edmonton-Strathcona needs a positive change, and I believe that Linda is just that, a positive change. Linda will provide a strong proven voice on the environment and health issues. If you have not already done so take a few minutes and learn more about Linda and her accomplishments. She has contributed greatly to shaping policy directions as a non-elected official. Now it's time to let her help us shape the future that we all want as our elected representative. I encourage you to support Linda for the change that is needed in Edmonton-Strathcona."

From Myles Kitagawa, 1997 Alberta Green candidate in Strathcona:

"There isn't a candidate on the ballot in Edmonton-Strathcona who is better for the environment than Linda Duncan."

From Elly de Jongh, Anne McLellan volunteer

"Linda Duncan would be a real asset for Ottawa."

Look for Liberals for Linda to unveil some major new endorsements soon!

Updated Score in Alberta: Conservatives 27, NDP 1?

If it's true what they say on Democratic Space, then we must continue our work.

I've personally been speaking with more and more Liberals daily who are volunteering, discreetly supporting, or simply casting their ballots for Linda Duncan.

This must continue right up to election day.

A local firm called Bannister Research has begun polling in Strathcona. I was called. The questions were:

  1. How likely am I to vote
  2. Which party am I going to vote for (no list provided)
  3. Which candidate in Edmonton Strathcona am I going to vote for (no list provided)
  4. What do I think is the most important issue
I don't think that the NDP or the Liberals are likely to be commissioning any polling. The firm is the very same that in 2004 released a poll on the Mayoralty race that showed former Mayor Bill Smith in the lead.

Of course, Stephen Mandel went on to win, and it was later revealed that the Bannister poll was commissioned by Smith's campaign. A bit dodgey wouldn't you say?

This poll could only have been commissioned by the Conservatives. I can only assume that they know that they are in trouble.

We shall see when and if the results of the poll are made public. In the meantime, and we cannot stress this enough, we are looking for more Liberals to publicly endorse this campaign, to keep the momentum on this issue growing.

Email me at if you are willing to lend your vote to Linda.

I understand that many of my fellow partisans are reluctant to come forward, for fear of reprisal or social stone-walling.

My friends, I urge you to reconsider. This election is too important. If we can elect a non-Conservative in Edmonton Strathcona, in Alberta, then elect that non-Tory we must.

Yours in Liberalism,


Unite for Change.

Wednesday. 3:30 pm. Edmonton. Last week.

I'm sitting in a friend's office looking at a stretch of downtown, and across Collins Road to where I live. Lots of Blue signs dotting that way...

And I wonder. How could we possibly continue electing Rahim Jaffer?

I mean, as a community we're progressive. The federal Strathcona riding is a large one, true, much larger than it is provincially. Bordered by the North Saskatchewan at the north and west, Whitemud Drive at the south, and the city's edge at the east, the riding takes part or most of the provincial constituencies of Riverview, Strathcona, Gold Bar, and Mill Creek.

And of course, of the four seats, three of those are held by non-Conservative parties provincially.

It's become very clear to me that progressive people residing in the federal riding of Strathcona must cast aside their party allegiances in order to defeat Rahim Jaffer.

And more and more people I speak to agree: the NDP's Linda Duncan has the best shot of taking the seat and breaking the Tory blue hold on Alberta in this election campaign.

The conditions are ripe for an upset.

Some notable local bloggers have characterized Liberal candidate Claudette Roy as weak, at best.

Others have speculated that, in fact, her selection as the Liberal candidate in S'cona was a deliberate attack on votes of the right, intentionally leaving the left-leaning Liberal vote to Linda, thus defeating Jaffer.

Meanwhile, due to Duncan's rather lengthy credentials as a champion for environmental issues, area Green Party voters and activists are actively championing her cause, in turn. In this case, a former Green candidate states rather unequivocally that "in this riding, the best environmental candidate on the ballot is Linda Duncan."

An excellent blog here went so far as to say that "the only legitimate anti-Jaffer vote is a Linda Duncan vote."

The blogger, Conrad of, has built a visually stunning graphic showing that 2006 Duncan was within striking distance of Jaffer (left).

Duncan's credentials have been well cataloged elsewhere. But suffice it to say that her hands-on work for Lake Wabamun, her policy work as the Assistant Deputy Minister for Renewable Resources for the Yukon, and her international work for countries like Indonesia, Bangladesh and Jamaica on environmental enforcement, leaves many of us duly impressed.

Wow. We need this woman as our MP.

That brings us up to the present. Myself, as a Liberal voter, some friends, as Liberal activists and candidates, are uniting for change with Linda.

We're hoping that if you consider yourself to be a progressive voter and you live in Edmonton Strathcona, you will cast your ballot for Linda Duncan too.

For the environment. For health care. For Strathcona - or for 'Anybody but Jaffer'. For all of us. Liberals for Linda!