Liberals for Linda

A collaborative effort by Edmonton Liberals to Get Out the Vote for Linda Duncan in Edmonton-Strathcona. Fellow progressives of Whyte, Unite!

Two More Prominent Libloggers Join the Duncan Mix

I sent emails. Begged and pleaded a bit. Commented and cajoled. In the end, it probably had nothing to do with the good folks here at Liberals4Linda, but the Duncan campaign rolled out a couple more high profile endorsements.

Daveberta onside with Linda Duncan

Something about the ends and means right? Anyway, past Alberta Liberal staffer and prominent Alberta blogger Daveberta has joined the Duncan universe.

Here it is, in all its' glory.

Of course, he did do it last time. Which motivated many of us lesser Liberals to get onside. But I suspect that the exhalation of many collective breaths in the progressive blogger realm caused temperatures to rise, albeit slowly, upon the announcement this time. Word is that Dave is also a fan of the Green running. But, I'm sure she'll vote for Linda too.

Werner Patels Calling for a Duncan Win

So who is Werner Patels?

Well, he hates Kevin Taft. And he doesn't seem to like Stephane Dion either. In fact, he seems to admire Stephen Harper.

But he loves Linda. So we think he's ok. For now.

One week to go - and Jack Layton is coming back to Edmonton.

This Wednesday am. Is that three times in Alberta for Jack? Must be for Duncan.


Werner Patels said...

Allow me to make some corrections:

1. I don't hate Taft. I only think that he was not leadership material. He didn't provide the necessary leadership when it was needed the most. As a result, we in Alberta now have the "Stelmach albatross" around our necks until 2013.

2. I don't hate Dion either. I just honestly believe that he is not quite there.

3. I don't admire Harper. But under the circumstances, he's about as good as it gets -- because Jack Layton can become Official Opposition leader after October 14, but not prime minister, even though I would truly and honestly like to give him a try, because Jack is honest and he has some really good ideas.

If I had my druthers, I'd like someone like Obama to be our PM, or Tony Blair or even Gordon Brown. Those are some of my "heroes" that I admire (more or less), but Harper, no, I don't admire him, I can respect him, but there's no admiration.

Werner Patels said...

By the way, I had a good chat with Jack in Montréal last year, and we talked about Linda, too. I told him then that I thought it would be absolutely marvellous to have her in the House of Commons.

Liberals for Linda said...

Hahaha... thanks Werner, I was hoping that would get you on here. We really dig your blog - and your clarification.

We agree on Linda. Back to work!

Werner Patels said...

Yep, just "little post-partisan pundit" me ....