Liberals for Linda

A collaborative effort by Edmonton Liberals to Get Out the Vote for Linda Duncan in Edmonton-Strathcona. Fellow progressives of Whyte, Unite!

Updated Score in Alberta: Conservatives 27, NDP 1?

If it's true what they say on Democratic Space, then we must continue our work.

I've personally been speaking with more and more Liberals daily who are volunteering, discreetly supporting, or simply casting their ballots for Linda Duncan.

This must continue right up to election day.

A local firm called Bannister Research has begun polling in Strathcona. I was called. The questions were:

  1. How likely am I to vote
  2. Which party am I going to vote for (no list provided)
  3. Which candidate in Edmonton Strathcona am I going to vote for (no list provided)
  4. What do I think is the most important issue
I don't think that the NDP or the Liberals are likely to be commissioning any polling. The firm is the very same that in 2004 released a poll on the Mayoralty race that showed former Mayor Bill Smith in the lead.

Of course, Stephen Mandel went on to win, and it was later revealed that the Bannister poll was commissioned by Smith's campaign. A bit dodgey wouldn't you say?

This poll could only have been commissioned by the Conservatives. I can only assume that they know that they are in trouble.

We shall see when and if the results of the poll are made public. In the meantime, and we cannot stress this enough, we are looking for more Liberals to publicly endorse this campaign, to keep the momentum on this issue growing.

Email me at if you are willing to lend your vote to Linda.

I understand that many of my fellow partisans are reluctant to come forward, for fear of reprisal or social stone-walling.

My friends, I urge you to reconsider. This election is too important. If we can elect a non-Conservative in Edmonton Strathcona, in Alberta, then elect that non-Tory we must.

Yours in Liberalism,



Anonymous said...

Some Tory in my poll keeps vandalizing and/or outright stealing signs. Every few days I go out and straighten my neighbour's signs back into an upright position, or go pick up new ones from the campaign office. Maybe if these angry Tories spent more time talking to people in the riding, they wouldn't have so much to worry about.

I'm disappointed in Claudette too. She's grossly misrepresented the situation here in Strathcona with the literature she's sending out. It quite misleadingly suggests the Liberals have more support than the NDP here, when the exact opposite is the truth. We had double the Grit vote last election and are polling ahead of them provincially too (18%).

With Liberals doing so poorly across Canada it's a real stretch to call the New Democrats, and all their supporters in Edmonton-Strathcona "voices in the wilderness."

Anonymous said...

In response to the last anonymous poster:

I know Claudette, and I know she means well. But you're right, she's wrong, wrong, wrong on this. If Linda loses because of her campaign's misinformation, an awful lot of people are going to be very angry with her for a very long time. And I don't know if she's aware of that or not.

nOtoften said...

What's being angry going to do?

Terry said...

Claudette should campaign on the strength of her party and its platform, instead of telling lies about the race. Pretty shamefull for a woman who many of us look up to.

Anonymous said...

I was called by the same pollsters. Honestly, my answer to most pressing issue was "representation." Let's leave aside the problem of having a man who has been voted laziest parliamentarian on the Hill as an advocate. The simple fact is that in the swath of Tory blue covering this province, no Conservative backbencher is going to stand out at all.

I will be voting Duncan in the hope that Strathcona will have a chance to stand out a little bit more effectively. Even if I don't always agree with the NDP platform, there is no denying that Duncan has always been a vocal champion on key issues. I'm not hearing much beyond Liberal silence otherwise.